ARHawghunters Pres: Joe Moon VP: Walter Holloway Sec. Bill Ashing


Hawg Hunters Bass Circuit of Fort Smith 2017
Rules & Regulations

1.    No monthly meeting will be held. Points will be awarded as follows. Each member will receive 10 points for entry fee, plus total weight at each qualifying club tournament. No points are awarded for special events.
2.    There will be 7 qualifying circuit tournaments. A member may have a guest fish with them. The guest is allowed to fish only ONE time at no cost, but if the guest finishes in the money membership and entry fee will be deducted from their winnings. All participants are subject to a polygraph at any time. Live wells may be checked by the president or an appointed  member before each tournament. Any person caught cheating will be disqualified from the tournament and ejected from the circuit forever. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Kentucky Bass will be weighed. Limit will be 5 fish, unless Lake Limit is less. Minimum length will be specified by the game & fish regulations and executive board.  Fish will be measured on a flat board, with mouth closed and tips of tail pinched together. Fish must be caught on artificial bait only. Participants are not allowed to leave the boat to land a fish.
3.     All regular qualifying tournaments will be held on the second Saturday of the month. Open tournaments will be held on the last Saturday of the month, if possible.  All information concerning tournaments will be posted on our website at and our Facebook page.  Tournament hours will be safelight until 3 p.m.  Each participant must check in and pay entry fee by safelight and takeoff time. (Secretary will only accept late entries by phone call before the take off). If adverse weather conditions arise, trailering may be permitted by the executive board decision. During hot weather months, tournament hours may be reduced by a vote prior to the start of the tournament. There will be no off limits to regular circuit tournaments.
4.    Annual membership  will be $40.00.  Members who are under 18 years of age must fish with a parent, legal guardian, or a family member. The Hawg Hunters Bass club will not be held responsible for any accidents, lost or stolen items, or any other action that might arise. Entry fee is $45.00 per member for each qualifying circuit tournament. Payback will be as follows, $10.00 to the circuit funds for permits and year end classic championship. The balance ($35) will be paid out at the tournament. One to 39 places pays 3 places, 40 to 49 places pays 4 places, 50 and up will pay 5 places.  There will be an optional $5.00 big bass pot with 100% payback to the biggest bass.  
5.    All tournament lakes and dates were decided by members present at the meeting after the 2016 Classic Championship.  Future meetings to determine the following season's dates and lakes will be held at each Classic Championship. All qualifying tournament lakes will be 125 land miles or less from Ft Smith, AR and must have 5,000 surface acres or more of water at normal pool.
6.    All participants must be wearing a life jacket when boat is on plane. All boats must have a working live well and working kill switch attached to the driver when boat is moving under power.
7.    The 2017 Classic Championship tournament will be a two day event, and will be held on the last full weekend in October. All members must fish four regular qualifying circuit tournaments and two open tournaments to be qualified for the 2017 Classic Championship. A member can be absent and pay in advance for  one circuit tournament and one open tournament to qualify.  There will be a meeting immediately following the last qualifying circuit tournament to decide location and rules for the championship. The top ten point leaders will nominate their lake choice for the year end Classic Championship tournament lake vote by qualifying  members.  (In case of a tie a coin flip will decide).  All the members that qualify will vote on the rules for the tournament. All members that qualify for the classic will pay $50.00 entry fee except the top ten qualifiers. There will be an optional $10.00 per day big bass pot. The take off position for the first day of the Classic will be determined by how the qualifiers finished in the year end standings.  The take off position for the second day of the championship will be determined by how each participant finished  the first day.
8.    Ties will be broken as follows. The number of fish, or split the prize money.                                                                                                                                                                                                9.    All fish must be brought to the weigh in site in an official weigh-in bag with water. The president may appoint a member to help at the scales. All live fish must be returned to the lake after being weighed. Do not return dead fish to the lake. A member may keep a trophy fish. Failure to return live fish to the lake will result in disqualification.  
10.    The Club President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer shall be exempt from paying tournament entry fees. Any purchase made for club expenses will not exceed $400 unless voted on.
11.    When paying entry fees each boater will draw a take off number, the boater who draws the take-off chip will be the designated person to call the take off. The take off may be up to four boats at a time, and the president or the secretary will tell the take off person when to start.
12.    All contestants must be back at the ramp area at the specified quitting time. If you are late, you are disqualified. In case of emergency, fish can be brought to the scales by another  member.
13.    One pound will be deducted from the total weight for each short fish and loss of that fish. Only one dead fish will be weighed per bag with a one pound penalty, if the big bass is the dead fish one pound is deducted from that fish.
14.    The 2017 top three point leaders will receive $200 1st place, $100 2nd place, and $50 3rd place. If any point leader wants a plaque or trophy the cost will be deducted from their prize money. Angler of the year will also receive a jacket (@$200 maximum club expense).
15.    There is an optional $25.00 Big Bass of the year pot that must be paid before weighing an eligible fish.                                                                                                                 

To join the circuit, place your name, address, e-mail, and phone number with $40.00 for dues, $25 for Annual Big Bass(Optional)
in a envelope, and bring it to the first tournament you enter.